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Valeri Bocage
CEO & Founder, PWI

Honorary Host

U.S. Senator
Mary Landrieu

New Orleans Marriott Hotel      December 9 & 10, 2010

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  Keynote Speakers  
  Valeri Bocage - San Francisco

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  Valeri Bocage is the founder of Powerful Women International and has been assisting people in living their dreams for over 15 years. She has inspired hundreds of people to fulfill on their life's mission. She has coached authors, entrepreneurs, parents, families, public speakers and artists to expand their vision for what is possible in their professional and personal lives.

  Sharon Hooper - Sedona, AZ
  Sharon Hooper, CEO of Vision Journeys LLC, and President of Sanctuary Publications, is a proven master of Vision Mapping Strategies © brilliantly stepping her clients through an unusual process, turning goals and visions into realistic strategies. For more than 25 years, Sharon has been passionate about working with individuals and groups to create the success they desire. From directing and creating a model child development center for 350 children daily, to being president of her own highly successful international record label, Sharon’s experience has resulted in a unique blend of coaching, spirituality and inspiration to help people identify their true passions and dreams and then to create exciting plans of action for immediate or long-term solutions. Sharon is a Professional Certified Coach (ICF), author, publisher, speaker and retreat leader internationally, and especially loves creating venues in Sedona, AZ, where she lives with her author husband, Richard.
  Elinor Stutz - San Francisco  
  Elinor Stutz, CEO of Smooth Sale, LLC and Author, has motivated and inspired audiences to their own success through her speaking, training and private coaching. Men and Women alike exclaim her system is natural and easy to implement, and most importantly, greatly increased their revenue stream! She is viewed as an insightful business growth strategist. Elinor's book, “Nice Girls DO Get the Sale” was featured in TIME Magazine, translated into multiple languages and sells worldwide. Her second book, “HIRED! How to Sell Yourself on Interviews” was written to help those out of work secure their job of choice.
  Tina van Leuven, Ph.D. - The Netherlands  
  Tina van Leuven, Ph.D founded her company, InnerDelight, with the vision of being a catalyst for global transformation by empowering as many people as possible to experience the joy from awakening their inner light. She has a Ph.D. in Healing Science and is also qualified and experienced in many energy releasing techniques. Tina is a trainer in TAT ®(Tapas Acupressure Technique), Zpoint, and Assemblage Point Correction, as well as a life coach, and an aromatherapist. The work of InnerDelight is expressed in the motto: “Experience the connection that changes everything.”  
  Senator Cynthia Willard-Lewis - District 2 Louisiana  
  Cynthia Willard-Lewis was elected as a Louisiana State Senator for District 2 for the 2008-2012 term. Previously, Senator Willard-Lewis served as a Councilmember for the residents of District E and the people of the City of New Orleans. She was Louisiana State Representative for District 100 since 1993, prior to her election to the Council in October 2000. Then, as now, she is recognized as an aggressive legislator for children and for the rights of the elderly, and for her passionate and effective voice for women and the disadvantaged. In addition to her duties as a dedicated Councilmember, she was a Public Relations Consultant for Lakeland Hospital, as well as host of the "Stars Over the East" television program. A recipient of many awards, Councilmember Willard-Lewis is a member of the NAACP, SCLC, Amnesty International, National Black Caucus of State Legislators, and the National Organization of Women in Government, and serves on a host of committees. She was an honor graduate of Xavier University where she received the University's Gold Medal and Service Awards. She serves on several committees for the Louisiana State Senate including Standing Committees Health & Welfare, Judiciary C and Local & Municipal Affairs, and Select Committees Consumer Affairs and Technology and Women and Children.  
  Speakers, Panelists & Workshop Leaders  
  Olga Aura - San Francisco  
  Olga Aura is a Gold-medal winning gymnast who gets these questions all the time, “Olga how did you do it? How did you come to America at 14 years old and didn’t get back on the bus? How did you overcome being Bipolar and having Bulimia and then create a prosperous business doing what you love?” Olga is a powerful mentor who will help you unlock your radiance and personal power so that you can shine your true self into the world. For over 15 years Olga has been an expert in the spirituality and personal empowerment industry. She has worked with Cirque du Soleil' s super-star Olaina, raw food celebrity Elaina Love, and Best Selling author Seth Braun. Annually Olga activates hundreds of visionary leaders world wide through her E-zine as well as personal power trainings and private mentoring. She frequently appears on the radio, in magazines and at conferences.  
  Marjorie Beazer - Sacramento  
  M.C. Beazer, a native Virgin Islander and military veteran, is the owner and founder of ITB Consulting and has more than 20 years of industry experience and training, as well as degrees and certification in organizational and Interpersonal communication, change management, public affairs and relations, and facilitation and outreach. Marjorie’s current and former clients include the government of Antigua & Barbuda; Dr. Rola Tomori, Ph.D., clinical and forensic psychologist and host of her critically acclaimed “Balancing your life with Dr. Rola” radio program; California Barbering & Cosmetology Apprenticeship Program; City of Sacramento; Leadership Transformation, LLC; and many others.  
  Linda Brown, Ph.D. - Maryland/DC Area  
  Linda Brown, Ph.D, is President of her own firm, Brown Consulting Company, specializing in qualitative leadership, building collaborative teams and partnerships in both public and private sectors. With a passion for helping students, Linda has served as Associate VP of Continuing Education at Miami Dade Community College and as Associate Vice Chancellor for Institutional Development at Elizabeth City State University. At Miami Dade, Linda co-produced a local PBS-TV show, “Tele-Teen” which provided a forum for many social, education and economic issues for youth and young adults. She was also a lobbyist on special assignment with the American Association of Community Colleges. Linda’s leadership experience includes Board and Leadership relationship building, community building, public relations, spokesperson skills, training and consensus building. Linda’s years of experience includes various levels of education and working with diverse populations in diverse environments in many regions of the U.S. Linda received her Ph.D. from the University of Texas.  
  Cathy Culver - San Francisco  
  Cathy Culver is founder and President of S.T.A.R.S., Inc. She is also a speaker, singer and adventurer. Cathy has been awarded the National Management Association's Member of the Year Award, the LM SSC Leadership Association BAC Member of the Year Award and has received awards from Lockheed Martin, the United States Air Force, General Electric Aerospace, GeoDynamics and NASA.  A former aerospace industry systems engineer, Cathy is fulfilling her lifelong dream of space travel by enrolling in a sub-orbital space flight to the edge of space that will take off and land at New Mexico's Spaceport America.  
  Pat Evans - New Orleans  
  Pat Evans is Director of the International Project for Nonprofit Leadership at the University of New Orleans.  Pat worked in Eastern Europe (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) where her primary responsibilities were community building and the development of the nonprofit sector as European Director of the US-Baltic Foundation. She worked in Sarajevo, working with nonprofits throughout Bosnia (Serbs, Croats and Muslims), to develop a plan for the rebuilding of communities, by creating a united public identity for the nonprofit (NGO) sector. Pat has held executive positions in Louisiana government, a Fortune 500 company and was a documentary film producer for a major ABC-TV affiliate. Receiving national acclaim, her documentary on the Louisiana wetlands was nominated for an Emmy. As Director of the Louisiana Office of Women's Services, she passed landmark legislation in Louisiana, establishing some of the first family violence, rape crisis centers and non-traditional training programs for women in the nation. She built the office into a multi-million dollar operation, receiving national recognition for its employment and training programs for welfare recipients.  
  Joe Johnson - Lake Oswego, Oregon  
  Joe Johnson is CEO and Founder of Johnstone & Mulberry and Marketing What You Know. In her soon to be released book, "The Advancing Personality," she teaches those who want to advance in their areas of expertise, corporate or entrepreneurial, how to make a difference and reap the rewards. For over 18 years, Joe has been training and mentoring individuals in leadership development. She teaches individuals to experience transformation from uncertainty and self-doubt to being confident and inspired, trusting their own leadership ability to take charge of their lives and businesses, all while helping them to discover and use their gifts and purpose. Her teaching guides individuals to release and awake the extraordinary person within, so they can help others who need their services/products. Joe's background is in engineering, sales, and marketing from the health and beauty, aircraft, and high tech industries.  
  Helen Kerrison - Brussells, Belgium  
  Helen Kerrison combines intuitiveness and emotional awareness with a results-oriented and pragmatic approach to motivate and inspire those she works with and delivers profound, insightful and sustainable results.  Helen comes from a communications and marketing background and spent more than 10 years working in global companies prior to setting up her own company, Insight in Business, in 2005. She is a certified corporate and executive coach, a personal development coach and NLP trainer and EFT practitioner. She empowers her clients to develop the knowledge, self-awareness, communication skills and personal management skills they need to build effective, powerful and successful lives. Helen is British and has lived and worked in Italy, the United States, France and Belgium where she currently lives. She speaks English, French and Italian.  
  LaVerne Kilgore-Saulny - New Orleans  
  LaVerne Saulny is the Senior Staffer/Regional Manager of U.S. Senator Mary L. Landrieu’s New Orleans District office. Prior to joining Senator Landrieu’s staff, LaVerne founded “Write for You,” a consulting firm that provides management and development consulting to non-profit and for-profit organizations across the country. LaVerne is a best-selling author, among self-published authors, of “How to Run a Successful Homebased Business” and published a hand-guide for the United States Senate called “ Tips for Successful Grantwriting.” LaVerne serves on several boards and has received numerous awards and recognitions including: National Who’s Who, Young Leadership Council (YLC) Role Model of the Year, YWCA Role Model of the Year and nominee for City Business Woman of the Year, in addition to others. LaVerne loves reading, gardening, basketball and spending time with her grandson, Jordan. She is the mother of four adult children. LaVerne believes in living life to the fullest and living a first-class life everyday.  
  Nadine Lajoie - Montreal, Canada  
  Nadine Lajoie is a championship motorcycle racer, international motivational speaker, author and coach, musician and singer and real estate investment and finance expert dedicated to helping others reach the life of their dreams with balance and passion. Semi-retired at age 36 from her financial business, she owns 4 businesses and received over 50 podiums in motorcycle racing, including a 3rd place at Daytona against 75 men and a Top 10 in the USA Nationals in a male-dominated sport. Her unique way to compare life with motorcycle racing combined with her talents, life story and personal experiences, including written exercises and live music on her guitar and/or piano, make a riveting conference for many audiences from teens to business owners. "Life is like motorcycle racing: if you focus too much on details and little things in life, you can miss the big picture and big opportunity around the next corner."  Meet her on her website at: www.NadineRacing.com. And, on her Blog at: http://nadineracing.blogspot.com.  
  Cheryl Scheurer, Ph.D. - San Francisco  
  Cheryl Scheurer, Ph.D. is an author, speaker and has been a single parent for 19 years.  Cheryl has a B.S. in Business Administration, an MBA in Finance and is completing her PhD in Financial Management in 2010. An Entrepreneur for 20+ years with her own accounting and tax planning business for 17 years, alongside other types of businesses, Cheryl became a Minister in 1998. She is author and speaker on “Wealth Transformation” with more to come. Noted as “THE FINANCE MINISTER,” Cheryl has completed her second book, “Wealth Transformation - Journey to Frequency.” Cheryl's book "Wealth Transformation" approaches the subjects of integrity, ethics and the law of attraction and how to unlock the stairway to wealth and abundance on many levels, revealing how your unconscious thoughts attract your abundance or lack thereof.  
  Chekesha Showers - Okinawa, Japan  
  Chekesha Showers considers herself a citizen of the world and an avid world traveler.  Her name in Swahilli means Bringer of Laughter. Her program emphasizes health, well-being and independent thought and action for participants, by intergrating the science of laughter.  She has performed as a Comedian at the Comedy Club in Hollywood and across the United States plus at least three Continents. She is a retired teacher of 30 years, is a Certified Laugh Leader and holds a Masters in Spiritual Psychology.  
  Shibana Singh - Santa Fe, New Mexico  
  Shibana Singh is an independent wellness coach and yoga instructor.  Shibana has been dedicated to the practice of teaching and learning conscious movement ever since she remembers. With a post graduate degree in nutrition, certifications in personal training, life style management, performance enhancement, yoga, Reiki, and now on her journey studying the ancient science of ayurveda, Shibana brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, versatility, spirituality and pure passion to her work. She is known among her clients for her compassionate, loving and holistic approach, no matter what their goals are. Shibana is inspired by the undemanding love and maturity of her beautiful daughter, the companionship of her loved ones, the enriching interaction with each one of her clients, the unconditional love of her parents, the support of her friends, the guidance of her inspiring teachers, the gift of helping to guide people to their goals for every smile, tear and breath that life offers and the light of the divine in all!  
  Jackie Smith - Sacramento  
  Jackie Smith is the owner of Grand Vision Marketing and has built several businesses from the ground up. Having competed for 2 years in the Women's National Track and Field Competition, Jackie's focus and determination was apparent at an early age. She began her professional career as the owner of a small, independent insurance agency and spent 4 years building it up and then subsequently selling it to invest in a beauty salon. She and her partner expanded the business to host a gourmet cafe and marketplace and subsquently sold it to open a salon and spa with store fronts in Connecticut and New York. On the heels of her massive success and sale of her east coast beauty business, Jackie moved to San Francisco to create her latest venture, Grand Vision Marketing. Jackie helps entrepreneurs envision, create and implement their goals while providing a structure for lasting and increasing success.  
  Liza Sonia Wallach - San Francisco  
  Liza Sonia Wallach started LIZA SONIA Jewelry in 2003 on her mother's dining room table! Fast forward 7 years, and now her designs are sold in over 43 retail stores including Nordstrom, Fred Segal and in China. Her unique designs are made of sterling silver, gemstones and many other natural materials and have been seen in magazines and on celebrities. In 2005 she opened her first "Liza Sonia" store in Montclair, California where she now sells online at www.LizaSonia.com. Hear her story..and be inspired!  
  Jan Stringer - Santa Fe, New Mexico  
  Jan H. Stringer can help you eliminate costly mistakes and to take the struggle out of reaching your business goals. She is a pioneer in using the Law of Attraction in business and for igniting a new reality in the way businesses operate from the inside out. Jan is a master attractor who brings her years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience to assist the business world to experience a deeper connection within to launch, expand or create heart-centered business and lives. Her global best-selling books, “Attracting Perfect Customers: The Power of Strategic Synchronicity” and, “Bee-ing Attraction: What Love Has To Do With Business and Marketing” are must have guides for developing heart-centered businesses. She delivers her work in group and private sessions, tele-classes, speaking engagements, on-line study guides, and on-line study programs. Additionally, Jan founded the BEE-ing Attraction Wizards School; an Authorization training program for people who want a deeper connection within themselves to develop heart-centered business and have this tool to share the amazing process with their clients.  
  Dawn Throne - Sacramento, Ca  
  Dawn Throne is founder of Fountain of Health Wellness Center and Spa in 1990.  Dawn has discovered through her 30 years in the health field and her own research that being thin, healthy, and full of energy is easy to obtain. She suffered from obesity, (250 pounds) high blood pressure, pain, fatigue and depression. Dawn is thankful that she had these ailments because she knows from her own experience and journey how to help others get back on track. She is certified in nutritional and colon therapy, and Specializes in whole body cleansing and weight loss. Her clients consist of those who want to lose weight, feel better and have more energy. She instructs clients on how to eat whole foods through education, workshops, speaking and providing free online videos at www.youtube.com/fountainofhealth. Dawn is passionate about helping clients achieve and maintain their health goals. She is a member of Nutritional Therapy Assoc. and the International Colon Therapists Assoc.  
  Agnès van Rhijn - Paris, France  
  Agnès van Rhijn created CoheChange, a coaching, consulting and training firm based in Paris in January 2007. Agnès has over twenty five years of experience in the consulting field (Heidrick & Struggles, Capgemini Consulting, etc.), in administration, human resources, finance and events management. She has been in charge of major internal projects (organization, restructuring and creation of Internet portals) and has also designed, organized and facilitated internal seminars on an international scale. She is a certified Master in Business Coaching, trained by BCI (The Behavioral Coaching Institute) and by CTI (The Coaches Training Institute ). She is a Master practitioner in NLP and a Brand strategist certified by Reach Communications. She also works with Appreciative Inquiry (AI), which is a new, high-performance approach to team-building and organizational development. Her combined French / Dutch education and her international experience, enables her to work in French, English and Dutch. She offers her services worldwide either in person, by telephone or remotely using internet tools.  
  Contesse Wall - New Orleans  
  Contessé Wall is a publisher, educator, entrepreneur, trainer and philanthropist. She’s also an International Intellectual Property Specialist. Contessé is among one of the most highly regarded consultants in this dynamic and challenging field and has gained international recognition in this unique arena. Contessé’s many achievements include creating publishing and business development curriculums, numerous books, textbooks, workbooks, inspirational collections of essays and poems, as well as several children’s book series (including The Amazing Adventures of Biscuit Prints?). Her strategic international marketing curriculum is at the forefront of building intercontinental economic empowerment through specialized training seminars and workshops. Contessé has introduced and taught her dynamic multi-facet program at several universities, including Our Lady of Holy Cross College, Delgado Community College (New Orleans) and The University of New Orleans. She has also trained aspiring authors / writers and emerging entrepreneurs at numerous churches, schools, organizations, private gatherings, as well as community centers throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Mexico.